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ProGetter's digital online community connects students and experienced professionals in a wide range of fields for collaborative learning and mentoring success. Designed specifically for late elementary through high school learners, ProGetter proves your child doesn't have to wait until she's in the real world to achieve invaluable real-world knowledge and experience.

ProGetter's digital platform helps students:

Gain exposure to new ideas

Explore potential career paths

Identify personal strengths and interests

Develop existing competencies

Supplement classroom learning

ProGetter empowers students to learn, master, and apply relevant skills to challenging, hands-on assignments for long-term proficiency and retention.


ProGetter's intuitive Web, Android, and iOS applications make online learning and enrichment as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Students search, discover, and select relevant assignments submitted by industry experts across multiple industry sectors
Teachers, parents, and learners collaborate from project start through completion
Students receive feedback, guidance and mentorship from industry experts after submitting their work

It's really that simple.

Your child will have instant access to a comprehensive spectrum of learning opportunities to gain exposure to new ideas as well as strengthen existing capabilities. ProGetter facilitates project mentoring, expedites task recognition, encourages interactive feedback, and even offers opportunities for students to win exclusive project prizes to hold attention, promote engagement, and boost motivation.

ProGetter Delivers Parenting Peace Of Mind

Most importantly, ProGetter is safe. Good Byte Ventures makes protecting ProGetter students our top priority. We carefully assess and approve all projects submitted through the site to mitigate potential student risk. We also monitor all discussion forums to ensure participants can share ideas, debate, and post comments with other users in a secure digital environment.