Take The Guesswork Out Of Healthful Eating On Restricted Diets

ChewsRite is your on-the-go resource for all things healthy eating. No matter what your family's dietary restrictions, or how busy life gets, our mobile meal and menu app facilitates nutritious food choices so you can feel good about what you serve at your table (or on the sidelines, or in your car).


Developed for both Android and iOS devices, ChewsRite offers users a customized, comprehensive, and healthful eating experience. Simply log onto our intuitive platform to find, share, and catalog the ingredients you like and the foods you'll enjoy most.

Find and organize a wide range of healthy recipes
Customize recipes based on your family's specific nutritional needs and limitations
Plan and personalize family meals around your routines/schedules

ChewsRite is truly your one-stop resource for virtually effortless meals and menus for the entire family.


Beyond optimized customization based on your unique dietary tastes and preferences, ChewsRite delivers a wide range of other user benefits, including:

Suggestions for delicious, satisfying meals that accommodate a comprehensive range of dietary restrictions including allergies, heart-healthy diets, gluten intolerance, vegan/vegetarian options, and religious considerations
Tips for feeding little picky eaters who dislike many common foods
Recommended substitutions for any undesirable ingredients