Episode 33: Leveraging a Framework and Platform to Build Inclusive Cultures

Hello, listeners! Welcome back to Tech Forward. On this week’s episode, I spoke with Betty Ng, tech entrepreneur, author, and founder and CEO of Inspiring Diversity, LLC (“iD”). In order to build more inclusive and collaborative communities, iD works with organizations to drive profitability and sustainability through increased employee inclusion, engagement, and performance. Betty has co-authored “PO-LING POWER™: Propelling Yourself and Others to Success” with her mother (Po-Ling Ng) and regularly speaks on PO-LING POWER™ and other empowering topics. Today, we’ll be talking about the inspiration behind iD, and how this framework helps companies break down barriers to diversity and inclusion.

Though Betty was honored as a corporate trailblazer in 2015, she knew she was not pursuing her own vision for her authentic self. “I had a vision to be a successful social entrepreneur, not working in mergers and acquisitions.” Betty’s strength of vision came from her mother, a widowed immigrant woman with 4 young children who obtained 2 master’s degrees and devoted her life to helping her community. She instilled in Betty the belief that anything is possible, regardless of your background, as long as we help one another succeed. This belief was the bedrock for the PO-LING POWER framework and Inspiring Diversity.

In developing this framework, Betty says, “All roads led back to my mom.” Each aspect of the PO-LING framework — Priorities, Others, Lead, Inspire, Network, Grow — was a quality that her mother exemplified. Combined with POWER — Priorities, Obligations, Worthwhile activities, Energy, Resources — these acronyms form an evaluation, decision, and measurement matrix to propel individuals and groups to success while managing what matters.

This focus on collaboration and working towards mutual success makes the framework a natural fit for any company looking to build a more inclusive culture. The framework provides practical solutions for these organizations through a book, an app, videos of previous success stories, and supporting services such as coaching and workshops. Since changing existing organizational culture can be difficult, the framework is a practical, cost-effective, scalable, and mobile way to measure and track results. Despite the clear business case for increasing diversity and inclusion, many organizations do not see these efforts as imperative to their business. “Diversity events, training, and employee resource groups aren’t enough. Organizations need to put real actions, plans, resources, and opportunities behind their diversity and inclusion efforts. Inspiring Diversity is focused on helping organizations overcome these barriers.”

Betty, thank you so much for coming onto the show today and sharing your inspiring story. Thank you also to all my listeners tuning in, reviewing, and sharing the show. See you next week!


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